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Once upon time Webmasters really love to do web submission to the directory in orders build their links,that make web directory numbers keep increase every day, which most of them is worthless and can bring harm to you websites that because most of them not human edited directory and link farm.

Because of that we "Free Directory Websites" dedicated our self to create a big Free Directory list and social bookmarking sites in order to help webmasters to create high-quality backlinks for their websites, There some feature that other Websites Directory List doesn't have like, Domain Authority Value, PageRank Value, Alexa rank value and the status will update periodically to keep it fresh, and help you avoid low quality of directory.

Directory Submission Increase Domain Authority

Domain Authority on this day really important factor to determined a website quality this condition also applied for webs directory too ,Webmaster believe that Website Directory has high Domain authority is really worthy to include their business inside. While you trying to increasing your ranking on search engine using web directory you also increasing your domain authority too, this algorithm are created by Moz and they also claimed to create Domain Authority algorithm they use Google Search algorithm as a role model and using more than 40 ranking signals.

Directory Submission increase Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank used by many webmasters to tell the others that their business getting lots visitors, many people believe higher Alexa rank that means more visitors. So if your website get high ranking on search engine you will be easily get high rank on Alexa, usually Alexa graph ranking update everyday, Alexa founded in 1996 which providing deep analytical insights ,compare and optimizing online business in

Directory Submission Increase PageRank

PageRank is most important metric ever people knows until now this metric introduced and developed by Google Inc, Every webmaster always dreamed their website get high Pagerank(PR), Pagerank is algorithm to measure web page quality and importance on search engine according to google "Page rank value based on count of quality links pointing to your page but also still lot factor to determined it". Even since 15 April 2016 Google has been officially close PageRank toolbar information for public, but do not have any intention to removing this description from Free Directory Websites front page now or in future.

Website Directory Submission Still Important

I can say if you want higher domain authority you need to create a lot of quality links profile to your web page ,while you creating it there also changes your Web Page rank(PR) up too, As google said Higher PR makes your website more important on search engine that means your site will easily get higher Alexa rank, that would be good for your business because your websites gain more trust from visitors.

Until now web directory like Dmoz, Yahoo Dir, Ezilon, and more still have a great part to create and provide high-quality links for Online Business ,that mean you need to find Web Directory that has quality inside too. This the reason why we creating Huge Free Directory List, Social Bookmarking sites list, Niche Directories List, and much more with DA,PR,AR value for every.

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