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I believe you have read our article about Good Web Directory criteria, and you can find a lot of them on the internet about "How People thought about Web Directory Submission." In 2012, Moz team gathered about 2,678 web directory, and they did intensive data collection which the results is 94 directories are banned, and 417 directories were penalized.

Penalized results if variated which some Directories have their organic traffic is drop significantly or some of them losing their PageRank, and because of this, webmasters has to lose their faith on Directory Submission. To avoid it, we have created Web Directory List complete with Domain Authority (DA) and Alexa Rank (AR) value so you can determine by your own which Web Directory is high-quality or not.

Current on our site "Free Directory Websites (FDW)" we have two kinds of Web Directories list, which:

  • Free Directory List (this page).
  • High PR Directory Submission List.
I believe you must be confused and ask "Why?"

Free Directory List

On here Free Directory List page, you can find the newest Directory to the reputable directory and not only limited to the Directory list, but we also welcoming anyone or anybody that want submit their web directory into our list by using our submission form.

High PR Directory Submission List

This High PR Directory Submission List is completely different with our free directory list, at High PR Directory Submission List page you only found reputable, high-quality, reliable and both paid/free web directory which already around for many years and we do not have any intention to add more directory there unless if we find another great web directory.

Worth of Web Directory

Is Directory Submission is not worthy to do and can harm your website SEO? The answers are Yes and No; Directory submission can hurt your SEO IF you submit your site to the low-quality, less or no editorial listing and the listing title full of keywords, but the situation will be different if you submit to the high-quality directory.

Sort Web Directories By: Alphabet | Alexa Rank | DA
Web Directories Name Web Directories alexa rank Web Directories moz rank Report
1859526 25
147209 39
555875 49
12343546 8
2644353 22
253017 45
2152515 0
2180898 0
2961188 0
2088632 0
01Web Directory 339939 0
10 Directory 232783 0
1Webs Directory 155140 0
247 Web Directory 158346 0
5 Jamaica 1716239 0
9 Sites 159737 0
9ug 4706421 0
A1 Directory Links 8989591 0
A1 Web Directory 111011 0
Abacus Directory 2273812 0
ABC Directory 139183 0
Abilogic 121454 0
Ace Web Directory 170031 0
Add Business 173579 0
Ajdee 2698020 0

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