Top High PR Dofollow Press Release Submission Sites List 2017

Press Release is an announcement or news for public to get information that people can grab it and share it again, the press release should contain essential information like who? When? What? Where? How? And Why?. The goal of the Press Release is grabbing media and public attention, and a Press Release should be actual news.

Simple way to write Press release

1. When you write a press release you must act like third-party person (like professional reviewer) and do not use word such like “i” or “me” or “my” , Example :

  • I create new Application for webmaster use. (this wrong)
  • He created new Application for webmaster use. (right)
and do not use words that like advertising, selling, promotion the product on Press release.

2. UUsing perfect grammar when to writing the press release and it should answer all of the questions peoples may have about the product. Article for Press Release contains about 300 words to 500 words.

3. Write a short description about the product or company and put contact information so people can contact it directly if they required more details.

Everyone loves Press Release

Today Press release not only used by Company to announce they product or news but webmaster also use it to let people know about their site or product that have. With Press Release Webmaster can create over thousand backlinks (Off-page SEO) so that can increase their search engine result and make more visitors.

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Press Release Sites Web 2.0 Alexa Rank Web 2.0 Domain Authoritiy
247 Press 40758 69
A Freego 343908 42
Absolute Arts 177095 63
Aiim 160668 75
Aspen Daily News 194457 56
Beta News 7911 77
Business Portal 203251 63
Calameo 3839 92
Daily Chronicle 186855 47
Directions Mag 44099 64
Earth Toys 4968404 34
Elec PR 89778 36
File Cluster 63058 58
Free PR 11748 69
Gulfoil 241716 41

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