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Internet and social media sites have come to a long way and made it possible for people in various parts of the world to know more about the likeminded people and make connections with them. Not only that, social media sites has made us close with our loved ones, friends and relatives and we can also video chat with them like they are sitting in front of us.

If you are a blogger or a webmaster, then social media is a lucrative opportunity for you to gains loads of visitors and new readership. You just need to create a fan page and start posting content targeting a selected or a large group of audience on the basis of demographics or interests and you will be able to see the flow of traffic from social media to your blog in no time.

Besides, social media sites engagement is one of the factors which Google uses to evaluate our rankings on its search engine. The more number of social likes and shares on your particular article, the more authority and traffic gains you can notice on your site.

Now, who doesn’t know Facebook and Twitter? They are the most popular social media sites till date. Google Plus is trying hard to fit in, but let’s face the facts, it is not as popular as Facebook or twitter but still a good competitor.

To make it easier for you guys to find a lucrative list of social media sites where you can join in related groups and gain readership, we made a thorough list of social media sites and sorted them on the basis of Alexa Rank, Page Rank (although not a valid metric to consider now), Domain Authority and whether the website is live or not.

Tips to gain more audience through Social Media Sites

  • First and foremost thing is to make your website brand-able by getting a custom logo and a beautiful design. Since there is no bots but real human beings involved, your site will tend to get more shares if the design in clean and navigation is good.
  • Make a note of the social media sites which are closely related to the niche you are working on. For example: If you have a wallpaper site, then instagram and pinterest are the one you should be targeting. That doesn’t mean you should avoid Facebook and other giants, since they contain majority of traffic.
  • While creating your page on these social media platforms, make sure you include proper description, call to action phrases and your website URL in the description so that intrigued visitors may get to visit your site.
  • Never ignore your fan page. Be sure to reply to the comments which deserve your attention or the private messages which you receive on your page. An engaging page goes a long way in social media.
  • Last but not the least, you can consider advertising on social media platforms. It may not work for you that well if you are a first timer, but there is a first time for everything.

I hope these tips above will help you gain new readership from social media sites and improve your overall website success rate.

Sort Social Media Sites By: Alphabet | Alexa Rank | DA
Social Media Sites Social Media Sites Alexa Rank Social Media Sites Domain Authoritiy
A Small World 168094 51
About Me 3871 89
Academia 758 84
aNobii 26752 0
Athlinks 79302 0
Bebo 127758 81
Black Planet 37277 0
Busuu 11517 61
Buzznet 42393 0
Cafemom 1823 71
Care2 4456 84
Classmates 3791 69
Cloob 2511 59
Couch Surfing 3341 81
Cozycot 189925 42
Cucumber Town 111260 0
Cyworld 28303 68
Daily Strengh 25222 0
Deviantart 252 91
Douban 2061 88

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