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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important ways besides social media by which an internet marketer or a blogger can generate targeted traffic or leads to his/her blog. You need to take care of both the phases of SEO i.e., On page SEO and Off page SEO in order to rank your blog on search engine giants like Google and drive traffic and sales.

Majority of on page SEO is about structuring your content with proper headings and keyword density along with readability. On page is restricted only to the site which is being promoted whereas off page SEO is really a big subject which involves link building on sites mostly you don’t control. So it’s crucial for you to research those sites and make sure your links go from sites with clean neighborhood. Bad links will adversely affect your sites.

Fortunately, there are some off page SEO methods where you can control how your money site gets the links from. They are by Private Blog Networks or Web 2.0 sites.

What are PBNs and Web 2.0s?

Private Blog Networks involve the leverage of expired domains. These expired domains usually have great metrics and if a site is replicated and links are given from these domains to our money site, we can see good boost in SEO.

Web 2.0s work in a similar way. In simple terms, Web 2.0s are the sites where you can create your blog free of cost and interact with your audience. Some important examples of Web 2.0s are, Tumblr, Weebly, Wix, Blogger etc. You can create a free blog related to your niche, publish some content and take a link which will help your blog get links from clean neighborhood.

Another way you can do this is by scraping for expired Web 2.0 names. Same principle for PBNs is applied here since those expired Web 2.0s have backlinks previously and you can leverage them for improving rankings of your site. ScrapeBox, GSA etc are the perfect tools for the job.

Tips for creating Web 2.0 accounts:

There you have it guys, our web 2.0. If you are going to create the blogs on these web 2.0 platforms, then here are a few pointers from us to make sure you don’t get yourself banned from the platform:

  • Limit yourself to 3 accounts per day. If you create more accounts, then the system probably thinks that you are a robot and will restrict your access. This applies only if you have a static IP address. If you are blessed with a dynamic IP address, you can create as many blogs as you want, but still we would recommend you to stop at 6 blogs a day.
  • Before you start taking links, make sure the web 2.0 looks good and not made for the sole purpose of linking if you don’t want it deleted.
  • If you are using expired Web 2.0 usernames, then be careful while registering them because a simple mistake can get your username banned.

Web 2.0s list

Now you guys might be thinking about allotting some of your precious time in searching for the various web 2.0s. You don’t need to worry about that since we did the dirty work for you and compiled the list the best high PR Web 2.0s which you can sort by Alexa Rank, and Domain Authority.

Sort Web 2.0 Sites By: Alphabet | Alexa Rank | DA
Web 2.0 Sites Web 2.0 Alexa Rank Web 2.0 Domain Authoritiy
Academia 702 86
Area Voices 56107 61
Beep 15457 74
Blog 40938 72
Blog Catalog 17966 81
Blogger 95 96
Bugs3 63691 56
Cabanova 38532 69
Care2 3181 87
Couch Surfing 3161 76
Craigslist 59 94
Daily Strength 20331 84
Devhub 134903 69
Diigo 1859 93
Doomby 32300 60

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