Free Directory Websites

In today internet marketing and SEO world, there so many ways to create high-quality backlinks profiles for your business and blogs, why we do need high-quality backlinks? With backlinks pointing to your business, you got more opportunity to have your business in particular keywords to rank in search engine results pages which mean your business will get more traffic.

Free Directory Submission

As I mention on the top, you can create high-quality backlinks by Directory Submission, submit your business into search engines, blog walking, submit your story to the social bookmarking sites, and much more, the easiest ways to create backlinks is Directory Submission.

Because that easy until now webmaster loves to submit their business into a Web Directory, that the reason why Web Directory numbers keep increasing every day, which lot of them can bring harm to your business that lot of them, not a human-edited directory (Auto Approve Directory) and link farming.

That the reason we “Free Directory Websites” decide to create a lovely and unique Free Directory list, Website List, social bookmarking sites, SEO Tools, and much more to help webmasters to build high-quality backlinks for their websites. There some features that other Web Directory List does not have like, Alexa Ranking, Pagerank (Removed), Domain Authority value, and we kept updating our Free Directory List Data and Information periodically to avoid low-quality of directories.

Directory Submission Increase Domain Authority

Today Domain Authority value already become a crucial factor to rate websites quality and this matter also applies to Web Directory Businesses, Websites and Web Directories that have high Domain Authority value gain more trust from Webmasters and especially from the Search Engine. So, when you do a directory submission to linking your websites to create backlinks profile this action naturally will increase your website’s domain authority value, this Domain Authority algorithm is created and developed by Moz Team and they also claimed to create Domain Authority algorithm they use Google Search algorithm as a role model and using more than 40 ranking signals.

Directory Submission increase Alexa Rank

Alexa Rank widely used by webmasters to tell the others that their business getting lots visitors, the higher Alexa Ranking of websites the more visitors they received and that what peoples believed. The high traffic websites usually have good Alexa ranking, Alexa founded in 1996 which provide deep analytical insights, compare and optimize online business, the Alexa ranking database update every day.

Directory Submission Increase PageRank

PageRank is introduced and developed by Google Inc and since 2000 until 2013s, and it becomes most important metric ever, Every webmaster always dreamed their website get high Pagerank(PR), Pagerank is algorithm to measure web page quality and importance on search engine according to google “Page rank value based on count of quality links pointing to your page but also still lot factor to determined it”. Even since 15 April 2016 Google has been officially close PageRank toolbar information for a public, but do not have any intention to remove this description from Free Directory Websites front page now or in future.

Directory Submission Still Important

When you do Directory Submission in order creating backlinks profile for your websites, this action will also bring you some benefits like improving your Website’s Domain Authority and your Pagerank value because we know that this 2, Domain Authority and Pagerank value based on calculation how many backlinks point your website’s and how good the quality they hold. After you gain higher Domain Authority and Pagerank value, this Alexa ranking will naturally increase because people’s put more trust on your Businesses.

Even though many of webmasters have been losing their faith to the Directory Submission but still not little webmasters still doing this, as you can see until now Web Directories like (Closed Down), Yahoo Business,, Ezilon,, and much more, still receiving a hundred or more submission in a day. We “Free Directory Websites” really want to see webmasters have no worries to do Directory Submission to create backlinks profile for their websites and for that reason we create Niche Directories List, Free Directory List, Social Bookmarking sites list, Seo Tools and much more to assist and help them.

Simple ways to Pick right Web Directories.

The number of web directories increasing every day, you may have trouble to find high-quality web directories to submit, there some simple rules how high-quality web directories may help you to pick a right directory to submit, which:

  • Web Directory on business at least 2 years.
  • They do not accept all kind submission without edit it first.
  • Unique template design means they are serious about their business.
  • Their Directory Submission rules and guidelines clear, concise and brief about what allowed to do and what mustn’t.
  • All listing placed into right categories.
  • All Listing title always using their brand URL and description of listing not full of keywords.
  • Not a link farm Web Directory (Auto Approve Directory).

A Good Web Directory not only limited to what I mentioned at above, there still many things you need to consider before you submit your Business to the Web Directory.