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About Free Websites Directory

What we are? We are a Big list of websites in internet including Web Directory, Social Bookmarking Sites, Niche Directories, Forum Sites, Press Release, Search Engines Sites, and much more. Before We become a popular website List, at first we're a Human Edited Website Directory and at late 2013 we shut it down after consider for some time, then later about 9 - 11 month later after inspired by "" domain name actually very related with Website List, we decide to create this Website List.

This List is still growing and more list will coming soon ,to make it more useful for our user we add some features like Alexa Rank (AR), Page Rank (PR), Domain Authority (DA) and Online Status Checker which we keep up to date it every week.

To create this Website Lists we receive & use some technologies and external helps, which:

To Keep our list on the track we do accept any external advertisement beside google adsense, sponsorship or premium listing on certain category which we already mention it on our privacy policy please read it to make all clear.

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