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Definition of Free Directory

Let us find out the definition of free web directory. A web directory organizes websites by their subjects. These web directories are usually maintained by human beings instead of softwares or programs. The searcher views the sites those are well organized in a series of menus, categories and sub-categories. Collection of these types of links is much smaller in size when compared to the search engines’ database. There are two ways that the sites should be included in the collection or list, one way is the owner of the site can submit it manually and the other one is directory’s editor includes the site. You can search by the keyword “Free Directory” and will find numerous websites for your answer. There are paid directory as well.

free directory list

Use Free Directories for Business

You can register your business in the Free Directories by submitting your business name to it. That will eventually make your site visible by many viewers that will generate web traffic to your site. It is a clever way to put your web site into the listing. People will gradually come to know about your business.

A web directory or link directory is an online list or catalog of websites. That is, it is a directory on the World Wide Web of (all or part of) the World Wide Web. ~ Wikipedia

With changing time the concept of SEO has been evolved in the last few years. There are many tactics to optimize your search engine. One of such tactics is submission of your web site to the Free Directory. The benefits of Directory Submission are huge when you are starting out in the world of internet. Submitting your web site helps the search engines to easily classify your web site theme and the site falls under a relevant category. Moreover, your site tends to receive one way links that are SEO friendly. You can choose your anchor text while submitting your web site; this will help in ranking high on the search engine results.

Free Directory List

On internet you may find several huge lists of Free Directory List on different websites. You can easily select a Free Directory List and start registering your business name or brand name to it. You will be given a submission form where you would fill up all the necessary details of your business, such as business address, phone number, contact person, website URL etc. some directory will also let you fill your online payment details. After you have submitted the details to the directories than your business will be shown on their site. It is a very important step performed by a SEO professionals.

  • High PR Directory Submission List

    High PR Directory will give a lot of advantages for your websites and that will help you to build high quality links, but beware not all pagerank is valid.

  • Travel Directory Sites

    In this life we often dealing with many problems, like on home or on the workplace that will makes us be stressful.

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Arielis 11398881
Spider Directory 9494852
Emillie 9198202
Limo Directory 8489742
Come On Aussie 6209606
Cascandra 5191586
5 Jamaica 4051390
Linkroo 3945620
DirWizard 3774533
RTL Plaza 3697113
Moo Directory 3657594
Web Find 3318944
Killer Directory 3097573
Dir mania 2904115
My Sheriffau 2788715
Elib 2440483
Hawkes Bury 2373129
I Landscape 2354264
9ug 2312775
City Star 2193818
ISWAR Web Directory 2099404
Abacus Directory 1875478
Umdum 1786203
Seoma 1693175
Kangaroo Biz 1650214
Search My Suburb 1644202
Globe Spot 1623008
Nzpages 1555874
Urlmoz 1530908
Sun Stream 1442056
Kwik Goblin 1338684
Ambra Directory 1326362
Apahcinc 1300231