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Article Directory Submission Sites List 2019
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Article Directory Submission Sites List 2019

Article Submission Sites are websites with collections of articles with many subject and category, As an Article Directory they will accept any contributors who submitted article to the directory, To do article submission you have to write 400 - 500 words, an unique, fresh, and actual or your article will never accepted and published by editors of the article directory.

Article Submission could considered as content marketing which the main purposes are to draw peoples interest on the article main idea and products, that makes the webmasters keep brain stroming to research information and write article for their site.

SEO and Article Submission Sites

Decade ago Webmasters believed that Article Directory submission could help them creating backlinks profile and boost their site SEO, by hoping someone that want to reposting the article without changing anything to their site or other sites and put source link at the artcle bottom. Not only article directory submission will boost your backlinks, but it able to drive more traffic depended with the article Topic.

An article directory is a website with collections of articles written about different subjects. Sometimes article directories are referred to as content farms, which are websites created to produce mass content, where some are based on churnalism. ~ Wikipedia

But today, article directory submission less popular because Google has released Google Penguin algorithm that target low quality backlinks practice, low quality article, and copy and paste practice that make webmasters start to leaving article directory submission.

Submission for Article Directory Sites

free article directory submission sites list To gain maximum effect from Article submission sites, there some thing you must consider before writing it.

1. Content : before write the article, you need to research the topic in-depth, keyword you want to use and the density of it, the length of the article, and the article heading.

2. Publish : After done with article creation, next step is publishion, you need to think where should publish your article, how to promote it, and also consider to share the article to the social media.

Even most of them losing their effectiveness but not ourFree High PR Article Directory Submission Sites List we have picked and inspect the article Directory very carefully.

  • Press Release Sites

    Press Release is an announcement/news for public to get information that people can grab it and share it again.

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