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Niche Web Directory - Niche Definition & Meaning

A perfect SEO campaign involves proper on pages as well as off page strategies. You cannot expect to rank well if you focus on one and ignore the other. It is common for newbie bloggers to ignore basic on-page factors as well as necessary link building techniques to help their site lift off from the ground. One of the most important techniques in off page SEO is web directories.

I know what you are thinking guys, by web directories I mean quality web directories and not the spammy ones which are thriving on the internet. We have already discusses it about some pointers in choosing proper web directory. You can check the article out <link the article here> as repeating the same points would feel like shooting a dead guy in the head.

Anyway, if you choose proper web directories for building the foundation links to your site, it can prove worthy in the long run. Among the various web directories available in the blogosphere, niche directories are favoured by search engines.

What are Niche Directory?

As the name implies, Niche Directory are the type of web directories which focuses on a particular niche. For example, a basketball niche directory will only accept sites related to basketball. So Google naturally gives credibility to the directory as well as the links which the directory has.

The approval process is pretty strict with the moderators thoroughly checking the submitted URL for compliance with the web directory standards and approve or reject it usually within 48 hours.

Types & Definition of Niche Directory

Niche Directory also have another definition: A directory or a list which contains like-minded websites or tools which can help the user access a particular set of information at the same place. For example: Search Engine list, web 2.0 directory, Proxy sites directory, Press release directory, Social Networking sites directory etc.

Let’s talk about the most accessed Niche Directories

Search Engine Directory: As the name implies, this directory has the list of popular search engines which people are using to search and get solutions for their various queries. You can use this directory to research more about the popular search engines and optimise your site.

Web 2.0 directory: This directory contains the list of platforms where you can create free weblogs and gain readership. Web 2.0s can also be a great way to build some natural backlinks to your website. Some prominent examples include Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Weebly etc.

Press Release directories: This list contains various sites which are known to circulate the latest releases by various companies. You can create a news worthy article and submit it to these sites and expect them to catch and circulate your release there by gaining more audiences.

Proxies directory: This is where from you can obtain proxies for free. Click here to checkout more on proxies. Free proxies are generally good for browsing restricted sites, but if you want security and anonymity, then paid proxies are the way to go.

There you have it guys, the most accessed niche directories. Below is the list of various directories which we have gathered to make your job simple.

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  • Free Directory List (2)

    You can easily select a Free Directory List and start registering your business name or brand name to it.

  • Article Directory List (1)

    Article Submission it self could considered as process of content marketing which main the main purposes is to draw peoples interest on the content main idea and products

  • Social Bookmarking Sites

    Social Bookmarking Sites are now less effective in this matter, still they have certain benefits- it helps you to gain qualified visitors that are really interested in your business or service.

  • Search Engines List (2)

    Search Engines is a software system that designed to search information around world wide web (internet) based on keyword the user input

  • Website Pinger

    Pinging your website is similar to making yourself visible to the search engines and directories every time you update a piece of content or make any major changes in your web site.

  • Social Media Sites (1)

    Social media are computer-mediated technologies that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks.

  • Blog Directory Submission (2)

    The blog directory has a tree structure and thus a blog can be placed in more than one category. Then the user can directly start from the directory tree for the searching of a particular blog.

  • Classified sites (1)

    Classified advertising is a form of advertising which is particularly common in newspapers, online and other periodicals which may be sold or distributed free of charge.

  • Infographic Sites

    Infographic is a popular form of content marketing. This can turn a boring content into an interesting one, simplify a complicated subject and give the reader a captivating experience.

  • Forum Website

    An internet forum is a site where different people from many different places can gather to discuss over a matter.

  • Proxy Websites

    As we are trying to find the definition of the term “Free Proxy websites”, we must take a look at what the ‘proxy servers’ are.

  • Job Posting Sites (1)

    Job posting is an advertisement of a job created by an employer to attract potential job seekers to apply for the vacant position in the company.

  • Web 2.0 Sites

    What Web 2.0 Site is ? web 2.0 is the webpages that allow user to generate their content as they see fit with them.