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Search Engines List - List of Search Engines 2019
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Search Engines List

Search Engines List - Search Engines is a software system that designed to search information around world wide web (internet) based on keyword the user input, with Search Engines you can search anything you want, like website, images, videos ,etc. Search Engine and Web Directory have similar behaviour which mine data but search engine maintain by real time information by running an algorithm on a crawler while web directory data maintain by human editor. Until now they already crawled and indexed billion pages on their system

A web search engine is a software system that is designed to search for information on the World Wide Web. The search results are generally presented in a line of results often referred to as search engine results pages (SERPs). ~ Wikipedia

Today Google is most popular which created by Larry Page and Sergey Brin on 1996 when they still student of Stanford University ,there also some popular search engine which Yahoo, Baido, Yandex, Bing, AOL, ASk and etc. To make this easy we created a Best Search Engines List and sort them on simple ranking system which determined by Alexa Rank, Domain Authority and Pagerank.

Search Engines list

Types of Search Engines

To understand search engine optimization more closely we have to know why people use search engines. Search engines are not only used for information searching; it has many other roles to play. Basically, people use the search engines for three typical uses: research, shopping and entertainment.


Mostly people use search engines for research purposes. They search by a specific keyword or question and want the answer or data related to that keyword. These searches are made in order to gain knowledge, sometime to write blogs and content in a research paper, and sometime prior to buy something. Companies use search engines to locate their potential consumers or clients and find their possible competitors. Wikipedia is an open source online reference site that has lots of information on various subjects and hundreds of back links. But most of the search engines do not guarantee the user about the accuracy of information.


Many people use the search engines in order to shop. There is a huge craze of online marketing in the new generation and there are many e-commerce sites where people can buy things. Some popular sites are Amazon, EBay, and Shopping.com etc. If a user does not directly go to the specified sites then he can normally search what he is willing to buy, the search engine result will show the different sites selling the product and their prices.


Internet is a reliable, vast and addictive source of entertainment. Anyone can pass hours watching online videos, films, reading jokes and stories anything that makes him interested. If we consider it technically then it is also falls in the category of research but this research is done strictly for entertainment.

Search Engines List

Search Engines List - Bloggers search various things on search engines. Sometimes they want a specific kind of search engine where they can find the answer to their query more easily. Other than Google, yahoo and Bing we hardly go for any other search engines, though there are several search engines for professional and definite search. Most of us do not know that there are other search engines too which are really quite popular among the mass. When you type “Search Engines List” Google will show you various sites that would provide the top 10 or 20 Search Engines List. So, there are numerous search engines available in the World Wide Web ready for your query to be submitted.

  • URL Submission

    Submitting an URL to the search engine means to put the site or page URL to the search engine and that page or site will be under consideration.

  • Search Engines Submission

    To put it simply, submitting a site to the search engines mean to put the site or page URL to the search engine and that page or site will be under consideration.

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