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Backlinks Checker - Free Check Backlinks Tool

Backlinks Checker - Backlink checker is a tool that determine how many backlinks driving straight towards your web site through a series of tests. Backlinks are very important for a website or a particular web page. The more inbound links a web site or a web page has the higher rank on Google will the web site attain. Developing backlinks is a time consuming matter.

Backlinks are Important

Lot of search engine use backlinks count to determine the popularity and importance of web pages and we know as Page Rank and Moz Metric (Domain authority, Page Authority, Moz Trust and Moz rank),and many website try to hire SEO company to help them to gain and create lot backlinks to dominate search engine result.

But for SEO purposes generating backlinks is very important. Online you will find many backlinks checkers that will allow you to know how many inbound backlinks have been generated to your site or a particular web page. Most of the backlink checker tools are free to use. You have to out the site domain or page domain in the given box and the checker tool will display the backlinks list.

Backlinks Creation

The entire process takes a few minutes to accomplish the task of finding and enlisting the backlinks. Additional information are also being collected such as, which anchor text is used, page rank of the backlink source, any potential flag or warning for an individual link. Google penalize the web site that creates backlinks in bulk.

There some factor to determine Quality of Backlinks, Backlinks from high authoritative and the topic related with yours will gain favor from search ranking result. Because it so precious lot people try to sell it as Blogroll and Guest blogging which some of them hold low quality and can harm your search engine result in future. You don't need to wasting your money for buying it ,try the directory submission for free.

Google prefers natural links driving towards your web site or web page. Low quality links can harm your web site. Therefore, it is good to have 5 quality backlinks rather than 50 low quality backlinks.

Check Your Backlinks Competitors

We think everyone have same dream that is to beat their competitor, to do it you need to follow some simple step and i'm sure you will beat them in to pulp. You just need to spying their backlinks list and create the same backlinks for your site to spy it you just need to use our Backlinks Checker.

Backlinks Checker Tool

This Backlinks Checker allows you see all the links exist in all, number of low quality backlinks, number of high quality backlinks- almost everything regarding to your backlinks. When you are generating backlinks for your web site or web page you will need to use Backlinks Checker quite frequently. When you are running a professional SEO, than you have to analyze backlinks and inbound links coming towards your site. After you check the backlinks you can conduct a deep link analysis. You will be able to understand referring domain’s authority. You can check your backlinks’ type and their geolocation too. The tools are very useful in this analysis. You can check whether any government website is referring to your site. It is well known fact that to have a inbound link from .edu or .gov is very much effective for a web site.

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