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Domain Authority Checker - Bulk Check Domain Authority Tool

Domain Authority Checker - Domain authority is the measure of power of a domain name. The domain authority is one of the very essential factors for the search engine ranking. Domain authority is based on three factors- age, popularity and size of the domain. For example, if a site is new its domain authority would be 0 and if it is a very popular site then the score may reach 80 out of hundred. Domain authority gives the people working in the online marketing field a very useful metric that to consider whether the site is popular or not. It is a calculated metric to show how well a given domain is likely to rank in search engine results.

It is better to use Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) as a comparative metrics. This will give you a more certain results when researching on the search engine results and determining which pages have more powerful links than the others. The domain authority numbers are high level metrics that determines the strength of a web site that how powerful the site is.

Moz Authority is metric to determine that how that website rank on search engine, Moz Said this Authority metric calculation basis on 40 signal and created basis of google's algorithm. This Metric is include Domain Authority ,Page Authority, Moz Trust and Moz rank. Read More about Domain Authority.

Why Domain Authority?

Across the web the domain authority metrics are incorporated in the Search Engine Optimization and online marketing platforms. Not like other SEO metrics, Domain authority does not have any impact on the domain directly. The best way to improve the metrics is to improve the overall SEO.

Domain Authority is calculated by evaluating linking root domain number of total links, Moz rank, Moz Trust etc. – into a single DA score. A web site’s domain authority can be seen by using MozBar, Open site Explorer etc.

The domain authority is scored out of 100 points. The score tells about a website’s popularity. It is easy to grow your rank from 0 to 30 very easily.

Bulk Domain Authority Checker

Online you can be able to find a number of Domain Authority Checker that can check your domain authority score. The tools are free to use and extremely easy to use. With this Bulk Domain Authority Checker 20 domain can be checked at once. They will display a score out of 100 to show the strength of the web site.

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