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Free Compress CSS File Tool - CSS Compressor

The CSS Compressor greatly reduces the size of standard CSS codes. The CSS Compressor omits the unnecessary characters, white space from the source page and uses CSS shortcuts to allow you to minimize the size of the CSS file. It helps in reducing the file size so that the download process in your web site can be less time consuming and the web page runs smoothly.

On internet you can find out a number of CSS compressing tools that will compress your CSS codes. The CSS Compressor removes all the extra indenting, spaces and line breaks. After the compression when you look at the source page you will see the style sheet appearing as a huge line of text, it will no longer be a nicely arranged listing with indents and spacing for readability.

Compressing your CSS File

The tool will remove all “comments” to reduce file size. Even the unit on Zero length, width and size are also stripped off. Unnecessary positive number indicators occupy some space- in the CSS compressor tool these kind of unimportant signs are also omitted. To specify a certain color we put the color code in the source document, CSS compressor tool takes fewer characters to specify the same color and minimizes the size of the file. The compressor tool converts almost all texts to lower case and this clever move saves bytes. But URL, ID, Font family names as well as attribute selectors are not changed as some browsers treat these fields as case sensitive.

We have given you a list of ways the CSS Compressor reduces the size of the CSS style sheet.There are no noted problems in any of these techniques in any web browser since these shortcuts are very cleverly used. The CSS compressor tool is reliable and worth giving a try.

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