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CSS Minify Tool - Free Minifier CSS file

CSS Minify is a process through which you can make your CSS source file more compact and less in size. This makes it easy to download on your web site and makes the web site faster to load and run. Heavy files make your web site slow and a slow loading web site is a very disturbing and irritating thing. CSS Minify is very simple to work with and does not have any complex logic, it is quite straight forward. One of the CSS minifier’s features is that it includes all the content from the imported CSS files into the parent files.

When the parent files and the imported files are saved in different directories, relative paths in the imported files would not be correct. The CSS Minify Tool will automatically embed reference files such as images, fonts, blocks, side bars and many more into minified CSS code file, so that they would not need to be fetched over many connections. This technique allows the user to specify the type of files along with their Data: mime type. The default embedded files are saved as gif, jpg, png, jpeg, svg as well as woff files.

CSS Minify Tool Will Do it for You

The minifier removes all the white space and indented characters. All comments are deleted. CSS Minify Tool removes the extra semi colons and the semi colons at the end of the style declaration. It also removes the empty CSS declarations. The units that use zero values are also omitted from the page and remove the leading zero if the float value is less than 1. It changes RGB color values to short hexa- decimal formats. The CSS minifier always tries to keep the functionality same as the original file. No changes are made that are unsafe and that can alter the layout of the un-minified version of the file.

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