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Free Compress JS File - JS Compressor Tool

The Js Compressor reduces the size of Java Script code by a number of techniques. The online Js Compressor has many things to do to perform the task. First of all it removes all avoidable comments and white spaces. This is the most obvious space saving that every compressor accomplishes. It removes all extra blank spaces – not a single white space can be found in the output.

Unlike other compressor the YUI compressor is built on actual Javascript parser, therefore it knows where a semicolon in needed and which lines break where and for this it fixes the disputes in the code before it proceeds to the removal of all the white spaces. It reduces all the lengthy variable names to the short codes. For example, Var My Lengthy variable = 0 will become as short as var = 0. It helps to reduce much space in the source file effectively. All unnecessary curly braces are omitted from the code. This Js Compressor strips off any debugger statement such as MSN.Debug, Web.debug, debugged etc. It removes unused function arguments. For safety purpose, the unused arguments at the end of the argument list are removed.

What JS Compressor Tool Do?

The Js Compressor also removes all the unused portions of the code. The compressor keeps record of the functions – how many times it has been used and how often the function has got the call of use, and when it finds that some functions have never been used in the entire program than they are removed from the final output. The globally scoped items are never removed, only locally scoped items fall under this function, therefore this application of technique is quite safe to use. There are other ways to compress the file, but every effort is made to ensure that the compressed file works similar to the uncompressed one.

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