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Js Minify Tool - Free Minifier Js file

Js Minify - The purpose of minification is to increase the speed of your web site. The process of “minification” can reduce a file size up to 20% smaller. And smaller size results into faster download speed and less waiting time. Some developers use the Java Script minification process to make the file look obscure to any other person who is trying to decipher the code. The process of minification makes it very difficult to read the code and hence to copy the code becomes next to impossible. Also with this process it is easy to combine all the java Script process into one single Java Script file. The Js Minify has a number of advantages such as it reduces the number of HTTP requests.

The minify operation has a filter that removes unnecessary bytes on the wire. While it is very common to put comments, tabs and white spaces to increase the readability and maintenance of the text, these are bytes that unnecessarily occupy space on the wire and make the file extra large and troublesome to download. This filter minifies the java Script code that uses the algorithm to strip off all comment and most of the white spaces. Minification can considerably reduce the byte count of a file in common Java Script code. Some developer who wants to maintain their site may use this process as this process is the extra steps of minifying data when done manually, moreover, using the online tools for the minification makes the entire process very easy and less time consuming- Thus constructing and maintaining a site becomes all the more easier. These are not required for running the Java Script successfully rather it makes the source file very difficult to read. But at the same time through this process the code file reduces its size and take less time to load.

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